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Researches in the Control Engineering Course

Oya Lab "Development of control theory: a novel adaptive controller is developed so that we can control any objects even if environment changes."
Sagara Lab "Development of control methods for underwater and space robots with manipulator."
Nishida Lab "Probablistic Robotics: development of autonomous robots with the ability to be able to adapt to environmental changes."

Kurogi Lab "Research on neural networks."
"Research on applications of robot, image, speech, and control.
Kim Lab "Research on medical image processing and its analysis."
"Research on the trace of moving human body using multi-video camera.

Tan Lab "New fields of technology spread out by a cameras & computer system."
Sakamoto Lab
"Research on linear synchronous motor(LSM)."
"Research on web tension control system."
"Research on the applications of electromagnetic suspension.

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